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mis vacaciones pasadas

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In my last vacation my family and I traveled to the Costa and to the Guajira

We were visiting Tayrona Park

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I enjoyed a sunny day


we share a beautiful sunset

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the next day we travel to the Guajira, we stayed in a hotel

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my brother and I ran in the desert, and in the afternoon we wait for the sunset in the Cabo the Vela

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my vacations

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i am goin to  vacations with my family 


on my next vacations i am going travel santa marta with my family.

 we are going to visiting many beach.


me and my family visiting the park TAYRONA also i am going to eat sea food, my favorite 


i am going to swim with my sister and my father


then i am going to the Guajira. we are going to enjoy.

then i am going to cabo de la vela